Rosefit empowers youth & parents through specific & educational fitness programs that strengthen not only the body but the mind-body connection.

Traditional fitness programs do not address the unique challenges facing us with unprecedented screen time that affects spinal health & the mind-body connection.

Rosefit Foundations meets you where you're at by educating you on what part of your body you're working, why it matters, & how it should feel in the body.

When you enroll in Rosefit Foundations, it is a One Time purchase & 100 day course. You receive the 1st Session immediately & practice those skills several times before receiving the 2nd Session 10 days later. You are encouraged to strengthen your Foundation by completing each Session at least 4 times before you receive a new Session. You will receive a new Session every 2 weeks.

Rosefit Foundations

I have scoliosis and have dealt with chronic pain for most of my life with my pain levels consistently at a 5 or above. After the first few months of training with Candice about twice a week, my pain is consistently at a 3 or below. 

We started with releasing and stretching my IT band and any where else that was tight. I learned a bunch of exercises and how to recognize where I should be feeling it, and when I should modify or stop to avoid hurting myself. 

The exercises all utilize simple equipment like fitness bands, small weights, and a foam roller, so it was perfect to do the training sessions virtually and be able to keep doing the exercises throughout the week on my own time. 

Candice is very encouraging and has helped me with my fitness goals so far. As I continue to work with her, I’m more motivated than ever to continue strengthening my body and actually look at workouts as fun, which I never would have thought before. 

I am in so much less pain and have more energy. Training with Rosefit has completely transformed my life. 

~ Amy P

Hi, I’m Candice Rose

I am a NASM certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and ACE certified Personal Trainer with over 8 years professional experience in the West Seattle neighborhood.

I became interested in Personal Training over a decade ago when I regained my own personal power through fitness. I have been active most of my life, but did not realize until my late 20's that I was using fitness to manage my previously undiagnosed PTSD. Exercise gave me my personal power back. The ability to be present, joyful, and at ease with friends and family. I became passionate about helping others regain their power through health and wellness.

Wellness is not one dimensional. It requires community, support, balance, and honoring what is authentic for you.

It begins with one small decision. The decision that says you're worth it. You deserve it. The world deserves the best version of YOU possible.

What small step would you take right now... if you loved yourself wholeheartedly?